Why should you have an electric pressure washer?


Firstly, you might own a pressure washer. Then why should you have an electric pressure washer? This is because what you might be missing would be the four different pressure modes that are offered by the pressure washer of giraffetools.com. You can choose from the four different nozzles provided with the pressure washer. These nozzles Range from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° which provides powerful pressure modes.

Multifunctional Pressure Washer

Most of the pressure washers can only be used only for one purpose, for instance, washing cars. But there are some sensitive parts of the car, for example, the radiator of the car. Those parts cannot tolerate the high pressure of the washer.

So, if there is a pressure washer that has the feature of changing the pressure modes then it will do all your tasks easily. If you have an electric pressure washer provided by giraffetools.com you will be able to wash your home, car, driveway, patio.

Less Water Consumption

Many people think that if they use a pressure washer, they are going to waste a lot of water. The total stop system technology helps in saving electricity and water by switching off the pressure washer.

This technology of the pressure washer saves tons of water and electricity usage. If they did not have that technology, they would have wasted a lot of electricity and water.

High-Pressure Washing

You might face the issue of stubborn dirt stains over your car. An electric pressure washer can easily solve this problem of yours. All the electric pressure washers come with high-pressure washing technologies which help you in removing dry dirt stuck to your car tires and doors.

Amazing Design of Electric Pressure Washers

The pressure washers used to come in simple box-like designs, but now as the technologies are advancing, the designs of the gadgets are also improving. And dynamically designed electric pressure washers are now being presented to the consumers.

The pressure washers are coming with telescopic designed handles and their wheels make them easy to move and carry.

Built-in Storage Compartments

In most cases, we require a long hose reel to clean our cars or patio. The pressure washers mostly come with 50-90ft retractable hose reels which make the cleaning process easy. But when we get those long reels the pressure washer must have some storage compartment that can store all the accessories.

The pressure washers presented by griaffetools.com come with built-in storage compartments. They can store all the accessories of the pressure washer, making it handy and portable.

Light-Weight Body

When the pressure washers were new in the market, they used to be too heavy and difficult to move and carry. But with the advancement in technology, contemporary electric pressure washers contain some new components. These components have made them light in weight and easy to carry.

In contrast to, the older pressure washers which were too heavy to carry and move the new pressure washers now come with wheels. These wheels make it easy for the users to move and carry them.


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