Top 7 Trending Lace Front Wigs Color


The colored lace front wigs trend has been growing tremendously over the years. The popularity is because hair colors create the wow factor. Additionally, the colors on the cheap lace front wigs make the wigs look exceptionally beautiful. As the years’ progress, new color trends emerge. Furthermore, many individuals are likely to try new colors for a change. Below are the top seven trending lace frontal wigs color.

1. Ginger orange color for the lace front wigs

Ginger orange is currently among the most preferred hair color; it is a ginger and orange color blend. The color makes one hair look almost red. The color combination is stunning and makes one look fantastic. The best thing about the ginger-orange wigs is that people of all skin colors can wear them comfortably.

2. Ombre brown

The ombre brown color has trended for many decades. It is because it is the most natural-looking wig color available in the market. Therefore, if you wish for your wig to resemble your natural hair, the ombre brown color is a perfect choice. Furthermore, ombre brown lace front wigs are suitable for all occasions. Therefore, you can wear the wig for casual and formal occasions. 

3. Honey blonde color for the lace front wigs

The honey blonde lace front wig blends sunkissed blonde and light brown hair colors. Additionally, it has some gold tones highlights in the hair. The best thing about the honey blonde color is choosing a wig whose combination matches your skin tone. Also, you can select the color blend that fits your style and eyes. For example, you can either go for the 50-50 brown blonde blend or 60-40. 

4. Black color

The black color wig color will never go out of fashion. If you are the type of person that does not like bright wigs, black is an excellent option. Generally, the lace frontals are available in various styles. Therefore, if you prefer black, you can choose whatever wig style you want. Furthermore, black is one of the most natural hair colors available globally.

5. Platinum blonde color for the lace front wigs

The platinum blonde hair trend began with most celebrities and fashion influencers. After that, the trend spread to the general mass. The color involves blonde hair reduced to shades like pearl, metallic, silver, or ash. Just like the honey blonde wig, you can choose to buy a lighter or darker platinum blonde wig. Furthermore, the blonde wigs ensure that one looks very cool.

6. Ginger blonde wig color

The current leading hair trend mainly centers around the ginger color. The ginger blonde wig color consists of ginger hair with blonde highlights. The blonde highlights are usually centered at the front of the wig’s hair. Furthermore, the color coordination is exquisite. Therefore, it ensures that one is bound to look fantastic.

7. Burgundy hair color

The burgundy hair color consists of a combination of purple and brown color. The blend creates a deep red wine burgundy hue. The best thing about the color is that it shimmers when light reflects on it. Furthermore, the color is very bold and incredible.


The best thing about the lace front wigs is that they offer diverse colors. Furthermore, they ensure that one can walk away from dull colors and branch into vibrant ones. The above wig colors are currently the top trending in the market.


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