To Know About High-Pressure Hose Reels


Giraffe is a leading gardening products and hose reel manufacturing brand. The company has thousands of clients from different parts of the world, certifications for its products, and offers customer support 7 days a week. The brand also boasts of providing a wide range of hose reel designs. One of these is the pressure washer hose reel. This is a type of high-pressure hose reel.

What is a high-pressure hose reel?

A pressure hose reel is a hose reel design used with high-pressure hoses. It is used mainly for storing the hoses. However, what sets high-pressure hose reels apart from other types of hose reels is that they are specifically designed to meet the high-pressure standards.

How does a high-pressure hose reel work?

The functioning of a high-pressure hose reel does not differ significantly from other types of hose reels. Like the rest, high-pressure hose reels come with a wheel where the hose is coiled. The only primary difference between high-pressure hose reels and conventional hose reels is that they are made from rugged and high-grade materials. This is done to ensure that the hose reel can withstand the pressure within the hoses. They are tested to ensure that they meet specific pressure standards.

Applications of high-pressure hose reels

Below are some areas where high-pressure hose reels are applied;

  • Lawn care– pressure hose reels can be used for watering the lawn and cleaning up lawn maintenance tools. They can also be used for cleaning the yard itself.
  • Pest control– companies in this industry use high-pressure hoses to apply treatments in buildings and houses. The pressure within the hoses helps the treatments get in the holes and crevices where they would otherwise be hard to reach. Therefore, high-pressure hose reels are used together with the hoses.
  • Pressure washing– this technique is highly applied in carpet cleaning, cleaning vehicles, and other cleaning tasks around the house. Pressure washing helps get out the dirt and dust effectively and reach hard-to-reach surfaces. High-pressure hose reels are applied in pressure washing to hold and maintain these pressure washing hoses.
  • Steam cleaning– this is a carpet cleaning technique that applies steam instead of water on the carpet. It is a popular method because it is highly effective, and the rugs do not take long to dry after steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can also be used for other surfaces around the house or property. In steam cleaning, pressure hoses are also applied, hence the need for high-pressure hoses.
  • Water blasting– this is a cleaning technique for cleaning internal and external surfaces. The method primarily relies on the power of water from a pressurized source. The pressure helps you achieve the desired cleaning effect on the chosen surface. Note that the technique does not rely on any abrasives or harmful chemicals apart from the pressure. Therefore, high-pressure hose reels accompany the hose reels.


In all the applications mentioned above, the hose reels are used for more than storing the hoses. They are used to protect pressurized hoses from kinking and tangling. Additionally, they can be used for reducing the pressure within the hose line.


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