How To Keep Your Ginger Orange Hair From Tangling


The ginger orange hair is an excellent investment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it is in perfect condition at all times. One of the ways to ensure that your ginger lace front wig is in good condition is by avoiding tangling. Hair tangling happens due to several reasons, such as humidity, rain, or wind. The best thing is that you can keep your hair tangle-free with proper care. Below are some methods you can use to ensure your hair is in perfect condition.

1. Brush the ginger orange hair regularly

One of the critical methods of ensuring that your hair is tangle-free is brushing it regularly. The key point is that you should only use a broad toothbrush. Also, ensure to brush at least three times a day. In addition, do not brush your wig roughly. Apply gentle pressure as you brush from bottom to top. Then from top to bottom. The motions will ensure that you clear away any tangles present. It will also ensure that your wig will not quickly form knots.

2. Use gentle hair products

The ginger orange hair consists of 100% virgin hair. The virgin hair does not require you to use harsh products. The best type of hair product for your wig is organic products. Organic products are usually gentle on hair. Therefore, ensure that your hair remains shiny and tangle-free. Harsh products may encourage your hair to tangle. It is because they contain many chemicals. Therefore, ensure to avoid them as much as possible.

3. Do not scrub the ginger orange hair

As you wash your wig, you must not scrub your wig’s hair. Scrubbing will encourage hair tangling and shredding. Also, scrubbing ensures that your hair becomes challenging to comb. The best way to wash the ginger wig is to use one’s hands to run the conditioner and shampoo through the wig. Using your fingers will ensure that your hair has minimal chances of tangling.

4. Use warm water while washing

Freezing water can cause your wig to tangle. Therefore, ensure to avoid it at all costs. The best water to use while cleaning your wing is warm water. The warm water will ensure your wig is easy to clean and has not tangled at the end.

5. Avoid swimming with your ginger orange hair

Swimming pools generally contain chlorine. Chlorine is not advisable for your hair. Chlorine on your hair can encourage it to tangle easily. Therefore, ensure to avoid swimming with your wig. You can consider wearing a swimming cap. The cap will minimize the risk of chlorine water getting into your wig. If you avoid swimming with your wig as much as possible, then you will have less chance of hair tangling.

6. Use a small amount of hair spray

If you like spraying your hair, ensure that you use only a tiny portion. Too much hair spray can make your wig greasy. The greasy wig can encourage hair tangling. Therefore, ensure that you only use a small amount of hair spray.


Taking care of one’s investment is crucial. Therefore, if you have invested your hard-earned money in ginger orange hair, ensure you look after it properly. One of the best ways to care for it is to avoid hair tangles. The above pointers will help you to keep your wig tangle-free.


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