How To Keep Your Extension Cord Reel Lasting Longer?


Extension cord reels are conveniently available for you in different budget options. You can buy one that fits your requirements. However, you might still want the best extension cord reel that might last longer than a typical addition.

After considering things like the type of wire, quality of the reel and much more, you can’t afford to just damage the reel. Therefore, we are bringing you some of the best tips to maintain your extension cord reel:

1. Give It Some Rest

Just like any other electric connection, even the best extension cord reel comprises of wires. Even if you get high-grade wires, they will heat up and build resistance over time. The longer the extension cord reel is, the higher the resistance. Therefore, it would be the best idea to give your reel a break from time to time.

Just stop using the appliance and switch the power off for a few minutes or an hour at best. Once the cord cools down, you can resume the use immediately.

2. Take Care Of The Amps

Many people overlook or forget about the amps an extension cord reel can support. There is always a power rating for these objects. You can only use the appliances that fall under that amp requirements.

However, the total number of appliances used by the extension cord reel can’t exceed the amps, either. For example, if the extension cord reel is 12 Amps, you can’t use multiple 12 amps appliances. It is just limited to one such appliance.

Correlatively, you can use multiple appliances ranging from 2 amps to 3 or 4, even 8 amps. As long as their total is 12 amp at best. Do not exceed the power supply of the extension cord reel, or you might end up shooting it.

3. Understand power requirements

Before using the extension cord reel, you need to check if it supports your power requirement. For example, if you use light appliances like a lamp or clock, you can use light-duty cords. However, if you need heavy devices powered, you’d require a similarly heavy-duty cable.

For versatile use from heavy to light, consider getting a cable that can withstand a heavier load. Then, any fluctuation or temperature problems won’t decline the life of the reel if you use it for something else.

4. The Cleaning Methods

Don’t let the dirt, dust, and other elements collect on your extension reel. Make sure to use proper cleaning agents. As water can be an unwise choice, use other options. That being said, avoid using liquid agents as much as possible. Chemically harsh agents will also cause a massive problem and decline the quality of the cable.

Therefore, try to get something like essential oils. These can eliminate germ or bacterial growth. More importantly, you can nourish the cable and keep it flexible. Essential oils are fantastic and smell good, as well.


As long as you can check on the heating and have a quality cable with fire-retardant insulation, your extension reel cable should be fine. Make sure to always invest in the best extension cord reel in the market.


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